Brayden’s Story


When Brayden was 15 months old, his parents noticed a significant drop in his skills and a sudden increase in illness. Dismayed by the abrupt turn, Brayden was taken to UC San Diego and diagnosed with mitochondrial disease in 2007. He would battle valiantly against the disease for the rest of his life — with daily therapy he regained all of his skills and lived life to the fullest. Brayden went to school, played sports and went to Disneyland with his family on weekends.

Sadly, in 2011, his health took a dramatic downturn: Brayden stopped attending school and spent most of the next two years in the hospital, including birthdays and almost every holiday. The disease slowly robbed him of his ability to do basic things — eating, walking, or even (a favorite) playing video games. Despite doctors’ best efforts, Brayden’s condition worsened and shortly after his ninth birthday, he passed away at a hospice home with his family by his side. Brayden leaves his parents, and a younger sister who also has mitochondrial disease. Their hope is that doctors find a cure in time to save his sister, and the countless other families fighting mitochondrial disease.